Art.No. 06L-01S ORDER Art.No.06L-01Q

Bible Cover
Size:XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL

  Art.No. 06L-02Q OArt.No. 06L-02Q

Clutch Bag for first aid items
Size: 40×26×8CM

  Art.No. 06L-03Q Art.No. 06L-03Q
Medical Bag with padded compartmentr
Size: ( 28+6+6 )× (23+6) × 17cm
  Art.No. 06L-04Q Art.No. 06L-04Q

Medical Bag with padded removable compartment
Size:46 × 32× 15cm

  Art.No. 06L-05Q Art.No. 06L-05Q

Medical Bag with padded adjustable compartment
Size: 47× 35 × 10cm

  Art.No. 06L-06Q Art.No. 06L-06Q

Medical Bag with padded compartment
Size: 34× 14 × 23cm

  Art.No. 06L-07Q ORDER Art.No. 06L-07Q

Medical Multi-Bag with padded compartment
Size:(33+7+7) × 32 × 25cm

  Art.No. 06L-08Q ORDER Art.No. 06L-08Q

Convenient Storage Bag with Pop Up Instantly
Size: 35× 35 × 35cm

  Art.No. 06L-09Q ORDER Art.No. 06L-09Q

CleanNylon Cover of car-seat for pet
Size: 127× 108cm

  Art.No. 06L-10Q ORDER Art.No. 06l-10Q

Comfortable Padded-Cover of car-seat
Size:94 × 48× 2.5cm


We can supply various material for nylon bags/luggage.
Nylon or Polyester fabric 1840D. 1000D. 840D. 600D. 300D. 420D. 210D. 190T etc.
Width 150cm, Length 50 yards each bale.

39x31x39(cm)order CX115B

 order CX116B

 order CX119B

52x1x44(cm) order CX130

 order CX120B

15x0.1x18(cm) 33x0.1x39(cm) order CX118B


Ticket Pouch.
Size: 14.5x21cm when closure.
Closed by Velcro. 27x21cm when open.
Material: 600D Polyester with PVC backing. With one zipper pocket in front.
With one flat pocket in back..
With a mesh zipper pocket inside.
5 card holders inside.
order CX512B


CD Case Hold 12 CD's.
Size: 16x16.5x3.5cm
Outer material : 70D Nylon
Inner material : Non-woven cloth
order CX511B

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